Lover of learning.
Curious, passionate, and resourceful.
An advocate for others.
Confident in her abilities.
Walks with a purpose.
Rooted in grace.
Soft and gentle, yet fierce and full of fire.
Spiritual and artistic.
Adamant on spreading love, kindness, and support.

She enjoys cooking all types of foods in baggy crew necks and fuzzy socks. When she wakes up, she enjoys mornings flows on her yoga mat, followed by some journaling. During other bouts of free time, she loves going camping or on hikes, might hit the crag for some rock climbing and enjoys finding quaint coffee shops. She will probably take her camera along to document the excursions, too. After a couple of paychecks, she may splurge on a new tattoo, but when she’s diligent about her money, she’s probably saving for the next plane ticket abroad. When she’s not doing any of these things, she’s thinking how she can solve the world’s problems.

Follow her journey 😊
peace & love – cait


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