The College Years

College… the place where I can be thriving, but also be experiencing what feels like a mid-life crisis at 19 years old. But, don’t let that fool you! The classes, the college town, the extracurriculars, learning how to live on your own, and the endless amounts of opportunities that help you grow, have been something that I truly love experiencing. What I really love the most about college though, believe it or not, is the educational aspect.

Learning has always been something I love doing. My freshman year, I entered school already declared with a B.A in anthropology. Since my freshman year until now I’ve added an additional major in Spanish and two minors: journalism and Latin American studies. It took a bit to narrow down what I wanted to study because I have a wide variety of interests. What attracted me the most about anthropology was the fact that it has multiple subfields two being cultural and visual, which would give me the chance to learn about cultures, but also incorporate photography into my career.

The thought of changing my Spanish minor to a Spanish major came about at the same time I decided to add journalism and Latin American studies. My thought process was, “ok, I love the language, I love the varieties of culture, I am interested in the histories of these various countries, why don’t I use my degree in anthropology to focus on Latin America?” Each country, each culture, each person has a story, and I could combine these disciplines to convey that story, through words and pictures. For example, I could work for non-profits or organizations that provide services in education, health, agriculture, community development, etc. I am not quite sure specifically what I want to focus on, but I know the possibilities are endless and always open. I created this WordPress blog to develop my identity as a writer, share my story, and connect with and learn from other writers. So, cheers to that and having two more years left of college to continue getting things together. 🙂 

peace & love





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